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Norwegian Nationals, task 1 and 2

We finally got two days of flying conditions, sun and some thermals. The first 94km task was very difficult in stable, weak, and broken lift. One a few got away onto the task, with Nils Aage in the lead. Today we had a gray morning, but eventually it cleared up and we could fly a 57km lokal task with some massive overdevelopment to the north of us over Rondane. I got a mediocre start, and I made a mistake with the third TP radius, and missed it by 2,6km. It took me some time to realize my mistake, and by then I did not have the energy to go back and re-take the TP so I flew down and landed in goal. Lots of pilots made goal, Olav Opsanger was first in today and will take the lead.

Some pictures from today;


2-2, and some extreme hanggliding

Last weekend we did some extreme hanggliding, it was hanggliding in extreme cold conditions. Got some nice pictures though;

I guess my next flight will be in Forbes, with 40 degrees, dustdevils, and wild thermals – quite a contrast, and I’m not sure which environment is most uncomfortable…

Fall pictures

It’s been a few very busy fall months this year, catching up on work, starting working out and running, instructing our new beginner course, and organization work for the airsports federation. I’ve only had one flight for myself since our nationals ended in July.

Here’s a few pictures from one of the nicer days where both me and Georgia found time to take a walk in the hills close to Sundvollen. The lookout is called “The Kings lookout”.

Three flights in one day

I drove to Vågå on Friday night to pick up my glider that I had left there after the Nationals. The forecast was for marginally flyable conditions on Saturday and a rainy Sunday, so I did not have too high hopes.

On Saturday morning it was cloudy and not very promising, but we went up to Vole and got a 40 minutes flight ridge soaring on Skagsnebb in very light conditions that slowly died out. After landing it seemed to break up and get a bit more sunny, so we went back up to Vole. As we got ready it got grayer again and the second flight was an extended glide down to landing. Olav did some filming and took a few pictures while we were gliding together.

While packing up again the wind picked up and turned easterly, so why not try Salknappen? Up there it was soarable, but we had to wait for a small shower to pass, and  we had a black wall of rain slowly pushing closer from south of Otta. All of us got a great flights in very soarable conditions, the front seemed to generate quite a lot of lift. It’s been a long time since I flew three flights in Vågå on one day!

After packing up for the last time I checked the forecast again, and decided to go home to Oslo. I drove through quite a lot of rain on the way home, but otherwise an uneventful 4 hours in the car.

Oz winter flying at Lake Keepit

I spent a few more days at Lake Keepit in hope of getting some XC conditions, it was blue and windy the first few days, but the last day was OK with some late clibms to 4800ft and up to 4 knot thermals.

I flew the LS7 the first days, and took the Junior up the last day as it was already set up to fly.

Some pictures;

Sailplane flight at Lake Keepit

I finally got to take another sailplane flight today. I drove up from Sydney up to Manilla last night and went to the Lake Keepit club this morning where I got to fly the Puchatek 2 seater, as it will actually spin and I needed to practice spin recovery. That exercise went well, and we boated around in some good thermals for 2 hours and landed before the kangaroos come out in force. Dave Seib also came out and I saw him come gliding underneath us in the LS6, we met up for dinner at the Pub in Manilla.

Tomorrow I have to practice aborted tow, and then I hope to go solo, should be fun!

Some pictures from today;

Last meet of the season at Tronfjell, and Rygge Airshow

Saturday we went to see the Airshow at Rygge airport, it was spectacular with loads of interesting and nice displays both on the ground and in the air. The weather was nice, and everyone seemed to have a great time. Unfortunately the Hanggliding part of the show had to be canceled as the weather did not permit us to move the tug to Rygge before the show.

Georgia posing as a pilot, the F35 is a bit dull full-size model/mock-up. Interesting to see the engines and a simulator on display in the hangar behind though.

Georgia, pilot of the F35
Georgia, pilot of the F35

Yours truly in front of an aircraft I hope I never will have to wait for. (It belongs to the Airforce SAR wing)

In front of the SeaKing
In front of the SeaKing

Every year we have the last meet of the season in Norway, at Tronfjell in the Østerdalen valley, near Tynset. It’s a very nice site to fly, and the conditions were fantastic again this year. Audun “El Loco” Etnestad and me drove from Rygge to Tynset Saturday night, and had a great day of flying on Sunday with around 35 other pilots.

Knut Løndal setting up
Knut Løndal setting up

Smooth thermals, safe ridge soaring, and perfect weather. A good way to end the season.

Just landed
Self portrait - Just landed, what a perfect place to fly hanggliders.

I did some filming from the air, and takeoff, have not had the time to see through it yet, might post some of it here later. A few photos from the air;