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  1. To whom it may concern,
    I am very interested in hang-gliding in Norway. I come from Australia and am planning a short stay in Norway in late July this year. Where would be the best place to go skydiving? Can you please provide a place, website, and costs? This is for someone who has never done it before, so would Tandem be best?
    Any more information would be gladly appreciated.

    Kind Regards,
    Alex Newcombe

  2. Hi there, my favourite Bill Moyes story teller and organizer, good to hear from you!

    The blog platform is WordPress, I run it on my own servers, but you can use the free and very nice service for similar results.

    The video embedding service is again my own, based on the JW Flash player

    The only reason I use this player and not YouTube and friends is that I can publish my videos directly in semi HD format with the nice and good looking x.264 video codec, and choose the quality myself.

    If you upload to YouTube and similar they will compress the video too much, with a rather old and bad looking algorithm. They do this to save bandwith, and make sure the videos can be seen on computers with old versions of flash. I do not care too much about that as my bandwith is free, and the vast majority of my users have newer flash versions installed.

    Best regards,
    Oyvind Ellefsen

  3. What video embedding service do you use, very high quality. Nice blog what platform are you using. Thanks your favorite american hang gliding organizer.

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