Rainbow Beach

I’ve heard about this flying site on the Sunshine coast in Queensland many times, and I’ve always wanted to fly the sand dunes at the beach.  When Zhenya mentioned she and Andrey wanted to go there after the competition in Forbes I was super happy to join the team. We met up in Sydney and drove around 12 hours to Gold Coast to pick up a couple of Malibus at Ollie’s place, and then spent the night at Kirsten’s house who very generously had offered us a place for the night.

The next day we headed through the rain for the 3 hours drive to Rainbow Beach, it was flyable when we arrived, and we got a nice afternoon of flying over the Carlo Sandblow. We set up some cameras on the gliders, and also took some good pictures from the ground.

The following day Kirsten and Marcin had joined us, and we hoped to fly the whole day. We carried gliders up again, it’s a 500m walk on a forest track, but we got stuck in rain the whole day and had to pack up when the sunset came.

The last day we carried up again, but the rain stopped the early flying, so we had lunch and went back up to fly when it cleared up a little. We got great conditions again, wish we got better light for photos, but some were great despite losing the good light.

Rainbow Beach is not really a traditional sand dune, but a sandblow in the ridge a hundred meters or so over the beach and sea. It’s however a great flying site with awesome toplanding and lowpass potential.

A selection of pictures and videos by Zhenya, Andrey, Kirsten and me.