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Three flights in one day

I drove to Vågå on Friday night to pick up my glider that I had left there after the Nationals. The forecast was for marginally flyable conditions on Saturday and a rainy Sunday, so I did not have too high hopes.

On Saturday morning it was cloudy and not very promising, but we went up to Vole and got a 40 minutes flight ridge soaring on Skagsnebb in very light conditions that slowly died out. After landing it seemed to break up and get a bit more sunny, so we went back up to Vole. As we got ready it got grayer again and the second flight was an extended glide down to landing. Olav did some filming and took a few pictures while we were gliding together.

While packing up again the wind picked up and turned easterly, so why not try Salknappen? Up there it was soarable, but we had to wait for a small shower to pass, and  we had a black wall of rain slowly pushing closer from south of Otta. All of us got a great flights in very soarable conditions, the front seemed to generate quite a lot of lift. It’s been a long time since I flew three flights in Vågå on one day!

After packing up for the last time I checked the forecast again, and decided to go home to Oslo. I drove through quite a lot of rain on the way home, but otherwise an uneventful 4 hours in the car.