Norwegian Nationals, task 1 and 2

We finally got two days of flying conditions, sun and some thermals. The first 94km task was very difficult in stable, weak, and broken lift. One a few got away onto the task, with Nils Aage in the lead. Today we had a gray morning, but eventually it cleared up and we could fly a 57km lokal task with some massive overdevelopment to the north of us over Rondane. I got a mediocre start, and I made a mistake with the third TP radius, and missed it by 2,6km. It took me some time to realize my mistake, and by then I did not have the energy to go back and re-take the TP so I flew down and landed in goal. Lots of pilots made goal, Olav Opsanger was first in today and will take the lead.

Some pictures from today;