Worlds, opening ceremony

I arrived in Sigilio yesterday, and met up with the rest of the team there. The flying yesterday was nice, and many of the pilots here had great flights. I was too tired and jetlagged, and did not go up the hill. Today it was too windy to fly here, which was fine for me as I did not sleep at all last night.

We went through the opening ceremony, with the parade, a few short speeches, and a cool show featuring artists with fire, fireworks, stilts, and lots of smoke and drama. I think most pilots enjoyed the ceremony and show, and it’s nice to see all the support from the town and officials here for the competition.

The team, from left – Per (Driver), Vegar, Johnny, Nils Aage, and me.

Norwegian team at the Worlds 2011
Norwegian team at the Worlds 2011


From the show;