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Worlds 2011, Day 5 and 6

Day 5 and 6 cancelled due to bad weather. Forecast for the next few days looks bleak.

Yesterday we got a small break in the rain late in the afternoon, and we went up the hill to fly. It was tailwind most of the time, but Nils Aage, Johnny and I managed to get off in a short period of launchable air. It was mostly a glide down, but with some small areas of lift.

At launch today;

At launch day 7
At launch day 6


Highly motivated to head up to launch in the rain
Highly motivated to head up to launch in the rain
At Launch day 6, fog is just lifting
At Launch day 5, fog is just lifting


Johnny packing up
Johnny packing up
At LZ day 6
At LZ day 5


Worlds 2011, Day 1, too windy

This morning we could see the low clouds whizzing by the takeoff hill as we were having breakfast outside in the sun. The day was cancelled for flying at the team leader briefing this morning because of forecasted high winds (50 knots) and fronts passing through the area.

We will go sightseeing today, as there is not much to do here in Sigilio. Johnny wants to drive go-carts, maybe we should save that for tomorrow…


Worlds 2011, Training day

It was as windy as predicted this morning, with lenticularis clouds over takeoff. The day was cancelled for flying at the morning briefing, but we had a nice safety briefing with Raymond Caux making a short talk about VG use, hooking in the harness before putting it on, and the mindset about incidents (We are learning to make mistakes every time we make one and live to tell about it, we should concider the incidents luck instead of bad luck)

The weather forecast for tomorrow is not great with rain and some more wind, but should be better after that.

Worlds, opening ceremony

I arrived in Sigilio yesterday, and met up with the rest of the team there. The flying yesterday was nice, and many of the pilots here had great flights. I was too tired and jetlagged, and did not go up the hill. Today it was too windy to fly here, which was fine for me as I did not sleep at all last night.

We went through the opening ceremony, with the parade, a few short speeches, and a cool show featuring artists with fire, fireworks, stilts, and lots of smoke and drama. I think most pilots enjoyed the ceremony and show, and it’s nice to see all the support from the town and officials here for the competition.

The team, from left – Per (Driver), Vegar, Johnny, Nils Aage, and me.

Norwegian team at the Worlds 2011
Norwegian team at the Worlds 2011


From the show;