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Bassano last day

It turned out to be a sunny and nice day, but the wind was NE and a bit strong for good flying conditions. It would be turbulent leeside, and not very safe for competition flying.

Manfred won the competition, Gerolf second and Robert third. Great result for the Austrians, and a solid comeback for Manfred.

Monday is the big day out for Italians, seems like everybody from babies to grandmothers are out driving, biking and walking in the mountains. Georgia and I got a takeaway number 42 from Tilly’s and had a nice lunch on the ridge below the mausoleum overlooking the plains around Bassano and Asolo.

In summary we were very lucky this time in Bassano, with fantastic conditions, sunny and great conditions every day exept the last. I’m not too upset about not beening able to fly the competition, I had a good time freeflying a little and just enjoying the sun and vacation.

Here’s a video I made from the ride up from the Hotel to the tourist takeoff, with a pitstop for Gatorade and a banana for lunch. I just taped the camera to the mirror, and later speeded up the video around 10x. Look out for the donkey!
[media id=7 width=640 height=480]

Bassano day 3 and 4

Good weather and good conditions, still a little low cloudbase at times, but good thermals and nice

Yesterday we had some major drama – First Nils Fauske had a midair with a paraglider on the ridge between the takeoff and the observatory. Nils was established in a thermal with a few other hanggliders, the paraglider basically flew straight into the gaggle and Nils hit his lines.

Nils tumbled and fell upside down, he threw his chute, but it did not open due to the slow decent. He was less than a 100 meters above the ground when they hit, and he landed in some low bushes without major damage to himself or the glider. Luckiest man today!

The paraglider apparently flew on, missing some lines…

Here’s a picture of Nils after the accident. He got a small wireburn from the rear wires when he tubled, he was very glad to have a full face helmet, or the wire might have taken off more of his face.

Nils with wireburn
Nils with wireburn

Olav Opsanger came into goal, turned around to land, and got hit by turbulence from a glider landing in front of him, it was windy so the wind gradient probably amplified the problem. He hit the ground face first, and had some bleeding in the face. He was taken to hospital for a X-ray of the neck. It was fine, and he walked out a few hours later with just a stiff neck and swollen lip. He broke the basebar on the glider. I filmed the landing, but I was too far away for the footage to be useful.

Here’s a picture of Olav after the X-ray.

Olav X-ray
Olav X-ray

I had an uneventful but short flight, as the paragliders were infesting the rigde, and it was a bit stressful to have so many clearly unexpirienced pilots around in the thermals. So I flew out on the flats to enjoy the nice air with more room. I filmed most of the flight, but I can’t upload it until I get home, the internet link is way to slow here.

Bassano 2009, day 1 and 2

Three weeks ago I hurt my shoulder, by throwing a snowball of all things, I stretched some muscles and a got an infection in a tendon. I’ve been on some drugs that have helped me get movement back and the pain is mostly gone now. I only did a few short flights on the training glider, and I was not sure if I would be able to fly the comp in Bassano.

We traveled to Milano on Monday, and arrived at the Garden Relais hotell at the landing site late Monday night to meet up with the rest of the Norwegian team that is here. I had already booked and paid tickets, so I might as well take it as a vacation if I could not fly much.

The weather has been really nice the last two days, sunny and warm with good lift. I flew both days, the first day I could not fly more than 30 minutes, today it was around one hour before the shoulder started hurting too much.

I will not enter the competition, as it means more aggressive flying and more traffic – not good for the healing process, but I hope to freefly where I can take it more easy and not overload the injury again.

We’re around 15 Norwegians here, and the forecast for the rest of the week is great. Looks like the comp will be well attended too, many top pilots are here.

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