Bassano last day

It turned out to be a sunny and nice day, but the wind was NE and a bit strong for good flying conditions. It would be turbulent leeside, and not very safe for competition flying.

Manfred won the competition, Gerolf second and Robert third. Great result for the Austrians, and a solid comeback for Manfred.

Monday is the big day out for Italians, seems like everybody from babies to grandmothers are out driving, biking and walking in the mountains. Georgia and I got a takeaway number 42 from Tilly’s and had a nice lunch on the ridge below the mausoleum overlooking the plains around Bassano and Asolo.

In summary we were very lucky this time in Bassano, with fantastic conditions, sunny and great conditions every day exept the last. I’m not too upset about not beening able to fly the competition, I had a good time freeflying a little and just enjoying the sun and vacation.

Here’s a video I made from the ride up from the Hotel to the tourist takeoff, with a pitstop for Gatorade and a banana for lunch. I just taped the camera to the mirror, and later speeded up the video around 10x. Look out for the donkey!
[media id=7 width=640 height=480]