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Forbes, practice day

The internet connection at the hotel here is really unstable, and I will not be able to write much on this blog, or answer to many emails unless the connectio improves. It took more than 10 tries to get this text uploaded.

We had a good day with practice flights yesterday, I got a nice 1 hour flight on my Litespeed, the glider goes straight, and feels good so far. I have not been thermalling since July, so I’m a bit rusty for sure.

Today is the first competition day, weather looks good.

Leaving oz

Nils and I got tickets to Hong Kong today, we are on waiting list for the next flight to London and might have to wait there for a day. The flights from London is too late, and we might have to spend one night there too. If all works out we are back in Oslo Monday night.

Worlds, day 2

Much the same as yesterday, strong winds from the south and blue low thermals. Task was 188 km to ivanhoe again, some action in the towpaddock when the crosswind made it difficult to launch. I started early due to a good place yesterday and had a good tow into a nice thermal. The other guys said there were many blown launches. One guy came down in the emergency chute, but he was ok. (Roumors said it was a tuck while on tow, the organization never gave a good explanation, joking about the whole thing)

I had a resonable fast flight until I got very low 40 km from goal. I was down to 100 meters, and struggled there together with a gaggle of 15 pilots drifting for one hour extremely low. It was dustdevils everywhere exept where we got low. Tove Heaney came and joined us for a while, she’s easy to spot in her Litespeed S 3,5 with smoke sail and big yellow Sportavia stickers all over it. When she and a few others headed into the west I chose to stay and watch them. I lost sight of them, and they got up from a thermal I did not get.

I finally got up to 1200 meters and had a 12 to 1 glide to goal with 25 km tailwind. I started the glide very happy, but hit bad sink and landed very unhappy 3km from goal. What a shit day with all that struggle for nothing. As I was packing up a guy came up and started talking. He was a newly born again christian, and gave me a long lecture on living in sin, and all the suffering Jesus made for us. I told him I was not interested right there and then, but it did not stop the evangelism… Just what you need after a failed final glide.

Jon made goal, catching up with me when I got low, passing high above us. Nils and Johnny landed just after takeoff. Robin at 15km from goal, and Otto at 56km from goal.