Worlds Big Spring, day 1

We got a 145km task to the north, straight line to goal. It was a strong tailwind, but inverted, stable, and blue. Almost nobody started towing until 30 minutes after the start opened.

My camelback started leaking while I was waiting in line for the tow, 2 liters of cold water down my back was quite refreshing in the 36 degrees heat. I had a good tow, and quickly found myself in a very good position on top of the gaggle at the edge of the start circle. But it was very weak conditions, and I did not see anyone else leaving at the first start clock at 14:45 I was flying with Seppi, and Antoine and a few others I did not recognize.  We flew upwind and stayed in the weak stuff for the next 30 minutes to take the next start. By then almost everyone had joined us in the same gaggle, making it quite unsafe for everyone in the unstructured air. I searched around for better lift, but only lost height and ended up low in the gaggle at the second start time.

I flew on and tried to stay in touch with the leading gaggle, many pilots landed under us, and I tried to stay as high as possible – meaning only between 500 and 1000 meters above ground. It was slow going, but I got to goal without major drama. I had to abort my 18:1 final glide when I got worse air than expected, and lost maybe 10-15 minutes before gliding to goal. Around 35 pilots in goal. Some of the top pilots landed out early, so it was clearly a challenging task. Olav Opsanger was first on our team, then me, and Nils Aage just behind. Olav Lien Olsen struggled early and had to land.

We do not have any results yet.

At goal – a nice little airport.

At goalAt goal