Big Spring, training day 1

The drive to Big Spring was long and uneventful. We spent about 10 hours, and took it slow. Not much to see, but very green landscape due to lots of rain lately. We arrived in Big Spring, had dinner, and did some shopping at Wal Mart before going to bed.

I’m still jetlagged, it’s 5 hours difference to home, and I woke up at 04:30 feeling quite awake. We went out to get our gliders put together from shortpack, and do a testflight after lunch and registration at the HQ. Quite nice facilities here, we are at an airport. It’s strange to be flying above the airstrip while a 2 engine turboprop is taking off below.

Some pictures from today;

We had to pay towing and remaining fees in cash, they do not take credit cards at the worlds… Funny when all ATM’s only will give you $200 at the time, and all in $20 bills.


Setup inside the hanger, nice to be in the shade, it was 35 degrees outside, and quite windy.


Towing up


Johnny’s new bike, fitting for his personality…

Johhny’s bike

Getting ready in the heat. Carrying the glider in the wind was hard work, flying after is easy, but it was still way to warm in the air. I only got to 800 above the airstrip, because I had to go down and let Olav have my helmet as he had left his at home in Norway before traveling here


Olav after his first flight on his new Wills Wing T2, he was happy with it.

Landing Olav

So now it’s off for mexican dinner, and some sleep. Probably need to shop water, gatorade and a ice-box to have in the car. Tomorrow is another practice day, and then it all starts on Thursday.

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  1. Good luck, Norwegian team!! And Brazilian!! ihuuuu!! :D Fly safe boys!! Hope you find a driver who is as good as the one you had in Australia!! ;) Keep writing, baby!! And come back soon!!

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