Worlds day 2

Just got back, 1:30 here. A long task in slow conditions, 185 km dogleg. Olav Opsanger took the first startgate and got to goal, Nils and me flew fast and well with the main gaggle until after the tp, where I topped out on top of the gaggle, and went on glide, only to find that nobody followed. I should have looked back and waited, but I could not imagine the gaggle would hang back on top of the thermal. Bastards… Being alone today was not very efficient, and I went into survival mode to try to stay in the air and take it very slowly. I managed to stay up, but all the gliders I could  see in front were low and landing. Weak thermals meant stayin in 0.5 meter and often just 0.

I came to a quite wide canyon with no landings, and I did not risk going low into it, so I flew back upwind and landed around 35 km from goal. Olav had topped out at 2500 meters above that point and glided to goal. So close, but 1000 meters too low.

Nils had landed where I left the gaggle, and Olav Lien Olsen around the turnpoint. Around 30 in goal.

Now sleep…

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