Hjartal Cup – Day 2 and 3

More wind from NW, but we went up to takeoff after the second briefing on Sunday. It was quite flyable, but it got canceled when a paraglider pilot tested the conditions and found some turbulence. It was probably the right thing to do, since it was not launchable most of the time anyway.

Monday seemed nice with sun and cumulus clouds, but it was forecasted stronger winds during the day. The organizers cancelled the PG task at the first briefing, and I think we were too few HG pilots there to make it worth it having a task for us. I was a little dissapointed, since it seemed like a good day to fly hanggliders.

Tomorrow we drive to Köping in Sweden, to fly a competition there. It will be Robin, Johnny, Arnt, Olav, Jon, Bjørn, and me. It’s been logged some good paraglider flights in the flightlog from the area near Köping while we have been grounded here in Norway, so the forecasted strong winds might not be a problem that far east.