Köping, day 1

We arrived in Köping last night, after driving trough some very strong wind and showers. Arnt got his first two tows in a calm period last night. Today it was about half the strength of yesterday, about 10 m/s, and it calmed down during the day. We set a 84km task to the south, but it was not flyable because almost every cumulus cloud collapsed into a rainshower. We waited on the field for a loong time, and the task got canceled at 15:30 when no one had taken off. We went to town and got some food, and finally got some flying at about 18:00. It was quite nice conditions. I had spent the morning changing the sprogs on my glider to carbon ones, and wanted a few flights to test it.

Forecast for tomorrow looks very good, only problem could be overdelvelopment.

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