Hjartdal Cup – Day 1

The winds were from the North West, and we had to go up to the takeoff on the other side of the valley here. It was windy and some lenticularis clouds on the sky. I’ve never been at the takeoff before, and the walk up there was too far and wet through the marshes. We only brought the harnesses, at the takeoff it was windy and no way the paragliders would fly. We chose to go to Notodden and try to get some aerotowing instead of carrying the gliders 1,5km and flying in what looked like quite turbulent air.

We set up at the airstrip, and Robin made a round with the trike around 18:30, but reported too much wind to tow safely. When we had packed up and left it calmed down to almost no wind. The sailplane pilots reported making 3500 meters in the wave, and turbulent air from 2000 meters and down to ground.

Today was forecasted better, and it looked good this morning. Now the lenticularis are back, with some wind at ground level. We postponed the briefing until 14:00. Forecast for tomorrow is more of the same…