Worlds – Day 2

Today was better than yesterday, we got stronger conditions and some clouds. Cloudbase was at over 3500 meters, so we got some clearance to the groud. The task was a 108km task, with a triangle in the middle. I got low after taking the start gate, and spent some time getting back up. The thermal improved to 4m/s as the gaggle passed me, I stayed as the lift was so strong, and I could look down on the gaggle gliding. I topped out with a few ther gliders at 3200, and went on a fast glide, but the gaggle was already high again when I catched up. The triangle was quick going, but the last lift before the final glide was slow and I lost more time there. Olav was first in goal, before Nils Åge, Johnny, Jon and me.

Robert Reisinger won yesterdays task, I do not have the results for today. I was on a shared 94. place after getting only miminum distace :-) Today’s place wil be well below 50 as there was over a hundred gliders in goal.