Worlds – Day 1

We got a 92 km task today, the conditions were blue and we got up to 20km/h headwind for the first time here. The take off went fine, but it was crowded and turbulent in the inverted conditions. There was reports of at least one minor mid-air, both pilotes involved flew on. I got up above takeoff, and flew over the ravine with about 50 others. After beein bounced around there not getting up we finally found som broken and very turbulent air. I was near the top of the gaggle with Johnny and Jon, and searched out in front where I saw a surge, but fell through and ended up in the bottom of the gaggle. I had to fly out back on the ridge, found no lift and ended up searching out in the flats where I was setting up to land when I found some lift. The thermal was broken and part of the circle was between two trees as I tried to get up, after spending about 5 minutes between 30 and 50 meters circling between the trees it finally improved and I got back up to 1800 meters. About 10 other gliders landed in the ares, three of us got up and away. It was getting late, and I could not get any good lift after that. Alone it was pretty difficult with blue broken thermals, and headwind. I landed close to Olav after only 10 km. Jon, Johnny and Nils Åge got furhter, but none of us made goal. About 25 pilots made it in.

Not a good start on the comp, but theres plenty of more days to come. Today was difficult, lots of good pilots did not make it to goal.