Worlds – Day 3

Cloudbase was low this morning, it was windy and overcast. It gradually improved as we set up, but the wind stayed strong. We got a 122km, 8 TP task. 40 km start circle, then upwind and cross, before a new upwind leg, and downwind again to the last TP before a crosswind final glide to goal. I took the first start, and had a good flight until the last 10 km to the second TP. I got really bad air in the strong headwind, and arrived under the gaggle at the TP. I could not get up and landed, Robin Hamilton was 50 meters above me and got up. 10 minutes later as Olav passed the clouds were working and everyone got high.

Jon landed near the first TP, Nils Åge 10 before the second TP, and Jonny close to me. Olav made goal.

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