Milslukern 2003 – Day 3

We all went to Bøverdalen today as it was still quite windy in Vågå. We went up to Juvass and Dugurdmålskampen to fly. Sadly the strong NW winds in Vågå made it dangerous to set a open distance task for the Hanggliders as someone would fly to Vågå and end up in the turbulence. We cancelled the day a little to early as many of the pilots wanted to freefly in the nice conditions.

The paragliders waited for a long time at the top in the cold wind before it calmed enough to set a task. Lots of playing around soaring in the laminar air. We set goal at Garmo, and opened the window at 18:25 It was really nice conditions, with little wind and big thermals. 16 of the 44 pilots made goal. Stein Sørensen was the quickest, with Rolf Dale and Stein Tore on second and third.