Milslukern 2003 – Day 4

Finally some normal weather, with blue skies and light winds from SW. We set up from Vole to fly free distance, the conditions were good, but high pressure made it a little difficult to get up if you got low. Most pilots chose to fly south into Gudbrandsdalen, and met headwind around Kvam. The longest PG pilots were Øystein Walle and Gunnar Sæbu who landed in the same field at 62.9 km out, to share first place. Rolf Dale took 3. place. Results paragliding at

Jon Gjerde took the course downwind across Rondane mountains in his Litespeed, a bold route selection with some of the mountain roads still closed. He landed north of Tynset, at 120,5 km. Nils Åge flew to Ringebu, and managed to hold on to his overall lead. Results hanggliding at

Jon Gjerde with price money, and trophies for 2. place and “Best newcomer HG”
Jon Gjerde