Milslukern 2003 – Day 2

We woke up to blue skies and some wind from the west. It quickly became clear it would be too windy to stay in Vågå, so we sent the Paragliders to Branstadkampen and we Hanggliders went to Lensmannsvangen. Some cirrus clouds spread wery quicky, and shut down the conditions, so we waited until 15:30 when the first pilots took off. Most pilots bombed out in the weak and windy conditions, but Nils Åge managed to ridge soar into the wind and get up to 1000 meters above takeoff. He flew over 70 km to Moelv, getting up to almost 2600m. Johannes Moger and Robin also got away, Johannes landed at Lillhammer and Robin near Fåvang.

The paraglider pilots were too impatient, and decided to go back to Vågå forom Branstadkampen. It calmed down and was quite flyable for a long time. We should have been there, as it was the right wind direction and conditions.

The day turned out to be much worse than predicted, the forecast for tomorrow is nice, and it should be less windy as the pressure systems are weak.

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