Milslukern 2003 – Day 1

We have around 25 Hangglider and 35 paraglider pilots who have entered the competition. Lots of freeflyers here as well. I would guess there’s around 70 pilots in Vågå.

The weather today was gray, and we have had a few showers. We postponed until 12:00, and then went up to Vole. It was some sun around us, but we never got any good conditions to have a comp in. After waiting until 15:00 we cancelled the XC task, and set up a speedrun for PG and HG. It was difficult to launch, and most pilots went back down when the first showers came through. We who persisted got off and a nice run with light rain in the air. 15 paragliders and 4 hanggliders have flown the speedrun so far, some people went back up to try a again tonight. Forecast for tomorrow sems pretty good, fingers crossed!