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Brasilia Worlds 2017

So one year later, we made it back to Brasilia to fly the Worlds. The team this year is Olav Opsanger, Johnny Nilssen and me.

We arrived two days ago, flew a nice practice flight yesterday, and did registration and admin stuff today. Tomorrow is another free-flying day, and then a rest-day before the competition starts on the 9.

There will be live-tracking in the comp, so I’ll publish links here as soon as I have them.

Olav and me packing up after the first practice flight, it’s dry and dusty here!

Brasilia Pre-Worlds 2016, day 6

Today was very windy at takeoff, and the launch was postponed 1 hour while the winds calmed down a bit. It was OK to launch, but I spent too much time getting up and had to take a bad start about 5 minutes after everyone else. The flight was OK and I got to goal flying with Olav Opsanger the last part of the course. Did a conservative and slow final glide just to enjoy the experience of landing downtown Brasilia. The final glide the day before was the most marginal I’ve ever done and I did not want to repeat that :-)

On final glide
On final glide
After the startgate
After the startgate

Brasilia Pre-Worlds, day 3.

I got sick last night and did not fly today, I went to takeoff and set up, but I did not get well enough to fly. Puking inside a full face helmet is not my idea of fun…

Only Olav Lien and Bjørn Joakimsen made goal from our team, the sky looked awesome from the ground, but Olav Opsanger and Erland landed at the last TP.

Unfortunately Bjørn went too high and broke into airspace, so he was scored 0 for the day.