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Import from old blog

Some people have reported problems subscribing to the mailinglist. I have some plans to put up a web page where you can subscribe, but it’s not ready yet. Send me a mail, and I’ll try to help you.

Erik have reached Spain, but still no airtime due to bad weather. More on his webpages.

Some new links to HG manufacturers on the links pages. The idtcomm server for the utah list is down, so I removed the link.

Import from old blog

I’ve had a few flights lately from Sundvollen. Last week I started 30 minutes too early, the conditions picked up after I landed, but it was too late to take another flight. Last weekend there was lots of pilots in the air over Sundvollen, but I was busy both days.
I drove to Sundvollen on Saturday, but it was no wind so I never rigged.

The Norwegian hanggliding mailinglist is now up and running. If you want to participate (It’s in Norwegian) send a message to, with the word “subscribe” in the body of the mail.

Moyes have received certification of their new “Litespeed” glider. It looks great, read more at