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I did try to fly one last flight this year. Some Y2K issues kept me at work for a few hours longer then I had hoped for, and when I came up to take-off it was blowing over the back and getting dark. Sigh.

Tomorrow is another day, so I’ll try to get the first flight in the new year here. (The forecast is not good, but who cares)

Happy new year!

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Polls! All other sites have ’em, so I had to add one here as well. It’s up to you dear surfers – let me know what you think about the poll window. If I continue it will be questions like “What glider”, “PG, HG, Both?” “Personal best”, and so on.

It’s snowing outside, and a strong low coming in from the west, no flying.

Import from old blog

Erik’s back on line! He’s got a new laptop, and is updating the diary now. Check out

Garmin is updating their GPS range, the new GPS 12 MAP looks very interesting for HG/PG pilots. If anyone have a link to a review le me know! Check out

My car was stolen, so I can’t transport my hangglider to go flying until I’ve got a new car. It’s been bad weather lately anyway.

Import from old blog

My Moyes CSX 4 is for sale, NOK 19.900,-
1 year old, carbon speedbar, mylar, race wires, white blue and yellow, very good condition. Pictures in the gallery.

I’m going to Australia in February, I’ll get a new Litespeed there.