Dalby Big Air 2018, day 5, 6, 7

I woke up to heavy rain on the roof this morning, and it stayed wet all morning so unfortunately we will not fly the final task today.

Yesterday was a great day flying, nice clouds, smooth lift and not much wind. We got a 150km task, towards the south, 4 turnpoints. I had a slow start and ended up a few km behind the lead gaggle for the first thermals, but I pushed hard and caught up with the leaders at the first TP.

On the third leg I made a mistake coming in just under Rory that was thermalling just upwind of the track, but I hit massive sink and did not see him leaving, and lost a lot of height detouring back 90 degrees downwind to where Atilla and Olli were thermalling. I lost 20 minutes getting up there in a very weak thermal, and finally got to the last TP and to goal.  The final glide was 17km into 15 km/h winds, and I had good numbers for the first half of the glide, but had to stop to take a few turns in a thermal to be safe.

My teammate Len Paton got sick on day 3 and has been flat out in bed for 4 days since then. I probably caught it as well, as I had to spend day 5 at the house running to and from the toilet instead of flying. It was a bummer as the day was really nice for flying.

Great looking sky at goal day 6

Results at http://williamolive.com/dalby/2018/comp%20results.html