Vaagaa Open 2008, Day 4

Another blue morning, but earlier cumulus clouds than yesterday. We went up to Salknappen because it’s a higher takeoff that should make it easier to get up in stable conditions. We got a shorter task than yesterday, there was some overdevelopment on the original long task that was planned.

The conditions seemed a bit slow on takeoff, but it was soarable most of the time. The start gate was at 15:30, and I got ready to take off when the first pilots started taking off 40 minutes before the start gate.

I got stuck with one pilot in front of me and crosswind at takeoff. We stood there for 20 minutes before we had a brief period with launchable conditions. So that was it, I lost the start gate with 15-20 minutes.

From the start gate I had a long and very lonely glide to Otta where I got low, but finally found a strong and turbulent thermal that took me up to 2300 meters again to take the first TP. I met up with Jens Krotseng at Otta, but he went for a detour before crossing over Kvam to the second TP. At the turnpoint at Kvam I took out the camera while thermalling up under a nice cloud.

Towards Rondande, nice clouds.

Looking ahead towards Otta, Heidal and Vågå.

I had a OK run towards Goal, and I think I got in at 4. place. I would have been happier with a better start, but I guess I flew pretty fast. We’ll see tomorrow on the results. Tomorrow is the last day in the comp, forecast is good, and I guess we will get a semi-local task to get pilots back in time to the party.