Vaagaa Open 2008, Day 1 – 3

Day 1 was rather slow and northerly winds forced us into Bøverdalen for a late task. We hoped to fly back to Vaagaa, but rainshowers blocked the path, and we made a short 50km local task starting at 19:00 after the rain had passed. Nobody made goal, and I only got minimum distance (So much for going first)

Day 2 was canceled due to windy and general crap conditions.

Day 3 looked promising but the clouds never burned off, and we got a slow day again. We got an optimistic 79km task, but we waited around at takeoff until 15:30, when I took off as one of the early ones. I found good lift and got straight up with Bjørn J and Arnt “Kjakan” Opsanger. Arnt and I took the second to last start gate at 16:00 and went on glide into the shade. We found nothing in the shade, and got stuck low after the first glide for 15-20 minutes. When we finally got a few hundred meters we basically just glided out again together with around 10 other pilots. Nobody made goal again.

Tomorrow should be very good, at least the forecast is exellent

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