Scootertowing news

Our scootertowing project have been a great success so far, and we are committed to continue training students with the big Condor and the 50cc scooter. The low power in the scooter makes it perfect for training, and low altitude flights while keeping it as safe as possible.

The low power is also the limiting factor for high altitude flights, and more general towing needs. Tandem towing is also high on our list, as we can get some income to pay for running the rig. So last week I bought a new 125cc scooter, to be converted into a towing scooter.

Here is a picture of our new ride to heaven. It’s a cheap Chinese made bike, but for our purpose it should be perfect. It has twice the power of the old one, and a faster gearbox. It will be interesting to see how it pulls.

Our new ride to heaven

Since the scooter is new we needed to run it in first, and putting licence plates on it would cost the same as the price of the scooter, so we had to find a closed area to do some laps. (The garage at my job soon became too boring, but we did 3 km there :-) )

Steinar and I did 50 km on a very cold evening at a local racetrack, and Steinar did 100km more the next day (With some more clothes this time) It was mind-numbingly boring to do the 2 km laps, but thinking about the cools flights we can get with the new scooter made it worthwile…