Site updated

I’m in the process of updating the look and functions of this website (Yeah, it’s raining). Please be patient while I get everything working again, should not take too long.


Should be mostly in place now, with the major stuff in place. I’m still working on the photo galleries, as well as some smaller details on this theme.

I’ve been using the same old theme for many years now, I’ve been looking for a new look for some time, but I’ve never had the chance to implement it. The Options theme that I use now was quite easy to implement, and it had some of the things I wanted for my new look. I assume most of my readers now are on LCD screens, and the dark theme should look much better than on old CRT screens.

This theme also have more room for bigger images and videos, as you can see.

What also might be useful for my readers is the new RSS feed in the right sidebar, where I aggregate news from most of the active hanggliding related blogs. Those of you who already read news from RSS probably have most of these blogs in our reader anyway.


  • Reorganize and import old photo galleries
  • Reorganize old articles, add new stuff
  • Add video index
  • Add some different content types

Please let me know if you find something that does not work!