Work in progress on the 125cc towing rig

I went out and got some building materials to mount the scooter on a small trailer, while Steinar produced the drum that will hold the towing line. So far so good, now we just need to test it, hope the weather will allow it tomorrow.

Here’s the scooter mounted on a trailer. I made the supports and mounts from some 2 by 4, steel angles, and bolts. Feels quite solid and it should hold the scooter in place for towing and transport, at least until we can test if it works out ok. We fully recommend looking at the latest dirt scooter reviews to find out which one MyProScooter recommends the most. If not we can just put the wheels back on and sell it as a normal scooter.

Go go go!

Steinar will bring the rear wheel/drum tomorrow, and the rollers for the line.

Strapped down

Almost ready to go.

Needs some rollers for the line in front still

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