Bassano 2007, task 1

We had really nice weather the last few days, with sun from blue skies and not much wind. It’s been quite stable though, so we did not get very high.

The first task today was 108km, mostly along the ridge. We all got off nicely, and joined up in the gaggle before the start gate. It was turbulent typical high pressure conditions, and I struggled hard to try to gain height. I got tired really quick and started losing out. After the start gate and turnpoint I joined up with Speidern and Ove Kaarboe where I glided back along the ridge in search of a calmer thermal, but ended up getting too low on the last ridge before crossing to Rubbio. By now I realize I’m all alone and have lost all motivation, so I turn tail and glide back home to the main landing by the hotel.

In retrospect it was rough but good conditions to fly in. I was unprepared for the turbulent lift, and did not work hard enough. I lost the mind game with myself, and gave in to fatigue to take the easy way out. It was irrational, but I can only learn from it and try again tomorrow.

Olav was the first from our team in goal, followed by Nils Åge, Speidern and Dag Ring. Ove landed here on the way to the last TP. Stefan and me after the first TP.