Bassano 2007, arrival

Nils Åge, Speidern and me arrived in Bassano Monday night, driving our rental car from Milano. After checking in at the new hotel at the landing field we had Pizza at the regular place. The guys that arrived earlier in the weekend had nice flights earlier in the day until it started to rain.

Today looked very good around noon, with lots of pilots flying around in the area, and nice cumulus building over the mountains. Dag, Ove, Speidern and Nils F took off and had good flights, unfortunately they flew off with the car keys, so Nils Åge and Kjell Krane had to wait until one of them landed to get back up. By the time they were set up it had overdeveloped and started to rain, so they packed up and went back down.

My glider and harness will arrive tonight if everything goes as planned, so I hope I can get a flight tomorrow. The forecast is looking OK for the weekend.