Spring is here

I got my glider a month ago, but it’s not been time or weather to fly until the last days. On Saturday I went to Trøgstad to aerotow with Terje S in the trike. It turned out to be a good day, but the inversion at 900 meters did not break. It was blue and very warm for the season. Today I got a ride with Stein Edgar to Hjartdal, as I needed to get my glider to Italy somehow. Johnny brought it to Stefan on his way back to Kristiansand, and Stefan will drive to Bassano. Lucky for me!

In Hjartdal it was very nice weather, with blue skies similar to the day before. It was good lift outside takeoff, but inverted again at 1300 meters. Some got to 1500 meter, but I was not patient enough for that. I went for a little XC towards Notodden, but turned back and landed at Sauland for koffee and hotdogs.  Another nice day flying early in the season.

Tomorrow morning I meet up with Nils Åge to travel to Bassano, and fly the comp there. Hope to have a nice stay and nice weather, I’ll update this blog if I can find internet.