6 thoughts on “Moyes Litespeed RS online”

  1. Hi Max,

    As of March 2007 it was US$ 6895 for a RS 3,5 with Smoke sail.

    Talk to Kraig at Moyes USA http://www.moyesusa.com for details and deals in the US. Otherwise there are Moyes dealers in most of the countries around the world. Are you US based?

    – Oyvind

  2. So you have to both eat and drink to forget, ouch… Arcturus is more like the charcoal side. hehehe… Soon you will be wearing pink and flying tandem paragliders.

  3. Spending all money on food, eating to forget what a bad glider choice you have made? What a fate… Turn away from the dark side before it’s too late!

  4. LS RS4, optimal pilot weight 78 kg?!? What’s wrong with you Moyes pilots – all pygmees? I’m way to fat, eehhm packed with muscles, for such a glider, and too poor for all the extra carbon shit.

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