Oz 2007, Bogong Cup

Not much flying here lately, we went to Mystic (Or Septic as some call it now) again, under grey and rain-laden clouds. We got a little rain on us while we waited there until 14:30 when Heather gave up and announced a spot landing comp. The winner would get $500. I went down with Olav’s new Canon EOS 400D digital SLR camera to watch the carnage. It turned out quite boring, not a single broken upright and just a few whacks. Olav did well though, and shared first prize with Johnny Jr. Jon got a prize for most spectacular landing when he slided through the spot and wrapping himself in it.

Today we already had 2 briefings because of rain approacing. The organizers are optimistic about having a late task from Mt. Emu, we can only hope.

Olav nailing it
Olav nailing the spot

Jon wrapping himself in the spot
Jon breaking the spot