Bogong Cup, day 3 and 4

Day 3 saw lots of smoke, and we went to Mystic in Bright in case it would clear up. It was pretty grim there with loads of smoke, and none of use were really keen on flying. In the end it cleared up a little, and we got a task back to Mt. Beauty via 2 TP. Jon and Nils set up, while Olav and I did not want to fly. I was just not in the mood and did not feel like flying. Jon bombed out, while Nils Åge made it to goal. It was very turbulent in the beginning, and got quite good after a while when some pilots got to 3800 meters.

Today we went to Buffalo since the Mystic launch got closed due to fire danger. But the winds were too strong to take off there. We spent the day looking at perfect clouds. It overdeveloped here tonight, and I guess we get a severe thunderstorm here tonight. We are debating what to do, maybe we should go back to Manilla, but it’s 12 hours drive…

2 thoughts on “Bogong Cup, day 3 and 4”

  1. Just wanted to tell you how much i appresiate your blogg, Øyvind. I have been following your flights in both Forbes and Bogong Cup. Keep on!
    PS! Your earlier Lightspeed S4 is in good hands and i like it!
    Viggo Birk Gundersen

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