Vågå Open, day 7 and 8

Short update;

Yesterday we finally saw the sun again. It was flyable in Bøverdalen, and we made a local task of around 55 km. Unfortunately some clouds shaded the valley for a long time, and the early starters all fell through. I took off around 19:30, when I saw Seppi and Johnny who had just taken off start to climb slowly. We got a weak lift to 1600 meter, I glided to take the start at Raudbergstulen together with Seppi, and them back to under the takeoff where the rest of the gaggle were struggling. We glided towards the first TP but got nothing usable, it was just too late. I had to turn back 1,5 km before the TP because there was a mountain in my flight path :-) (The TP was at 1300 meters) Seppi was a little higher and turned back 600 meters before it. Nobody made it furter, Seppi won the day, Nils Åge second and me third. The day was worth nothing in the scoring, the winner got 13 points.

Today was another very good day in Bøverdalen, 64km local task, blue thermals and good lift. I had lost my last bit of motivation and did not complete the task, but abortet halfway and landed at the main LZ. It was very turbulent and switchy because of the thermic conditions, the wind switched 180 degrees 3 times while I was trying to land. The last time when I was on final, I slammed in downwind and took out 2 uprights and 2 fittings.

Results will be posted later.