Vågå Open, Day 5-6

Bad weather, not much flying. Yesterday we went to Bøverdalen after the day was cancelled to see if the site is suited for a speed-gliding course. Olav, Seppi, Gerolf, Michael, and Jon flew down from Dugurmålskampen and landed at Galde. It was too windy and unstable to do some real speedgliding, but it turned out to be a good test. The site has potential for a really long speed-course.

Last night the rain came in, and it’s been wet all night and thir morning. We cancelled today at 10:00, it’s less rain now, but might still be some showers tomorrow. Forecast is 50% for flying tomorrow.

The results have been offline due to some webserver problems, but now I’ve fixed it and things seem to be OK. http://hp.nlf.no/vaagaaopen