Web sites for the Worlds

The official HGFA site for the worlds can be found at http://www.hgfa.asn.au/~worlds/ I find it lacking in both form and content for such an event as the worlds. It says “Under construction” right on the front page, while it’s less than one month before the competition. The site should have been complete 2 years ago.

There is a link to a forum – not working, link to photo album – not working. Actually most of the links are either coded wrong, or dead. The link to pilot registration lists 5 Australian pilots, where is the rest of the world? The deadline for registration was a month ago. Let’s hope the rest of the worlds crew is more on the ball than the webmaster who glued their site together.

The dynamic flight site has even less, and redundant content.

I’ve planned to blog from Oz on this site as usual, if Telstra provides GPRS to roaming international phones I can even post photos directly from my mobile. The GSM coverage in the towing field is very weak, so expect updates at night Oz time