Otto in Oz

Otto in Oz

Otto Baste made an early start to the Oz season, flying with Tove’s XC tour in Dennilliquin. Yesterday he did a new personal best with 301km, north to Ivanhoe. Amazing fligh, landing at 20:30 at night, check out his tracklog. He reported a strong tailwind, blue conditions, and a late start. This is probably the longest flight by a Norwegian pilot ever, Otto also had the last such record with a similar 245km flight from Denniliquin two years ago.

Otto will be on our team for the Worlds. Jon is also in Oz, no news from him. Maybe he’s still flying :-)

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  1. Good luck Øyvind, I wish you safe winching, fast flights and well organizes retrieves. (What more could a man possibly need….!)

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