Nordic Open 2004 – Day 5

A nice day from the morning, but cirrus cover delayed the task until 14:45. We got a short task due to late takeoff and stable blue conditions. It was an out&return of 62km, from Vågå to Sjoa and back.

I wanted to fly a safe and fast task, without taking too big risks after yesterday’s loss of points, so I took the 16:00 start gate when there were plenty of pilots on course. It was difficult to get really high at start, but I took the start gate at 1800 meters and got the next lift at Lalm where it should be. I stayed below the inversion, and tried to go fast over to Heidal where it normally is stronger and better lift. I did however not find the strong core I needed to keep going fast, and lost some 10 minutes getting back up.

On the way back from the TP Jon and Jens came under where I had stopped in a weak thermal, we slowly got up, and I spotted Johannes above me and a little further in over the top of the ridge. I flew under him and got a nice lift back up to the inversion at 2000 meters. It was enough to go on an easy final glide the last 15 km to goal.

Andreas won the day, Nils second and Olav third. I had the 4. best time, but lost a little on the late departure and arrival. After Yesterday I fell from 4. to 10. place, now I gained only 1 place, but it’s quite close up the next places.