Nordic Open 2004 – Day 4

It was grey this morning, and a layer of Cirrus clouds made the conditions very weak. The window was opened at 14:00, with a 78 km task from Vågå to Dombås, Sel, and back to Vågå. The first pilots all fell through, and we all waited for the Cirrus to break up.

At 15:15 it was some signs of better conditions, and about 6-7 of us took off. We could soar in weak lift, but no one got more than 100 meters above takoff. After a while the Cirrus cover got thicker again, and we started to get lower. I went to Skagsnebb and then Hologsetrene to try and get up where some of the earlier free fliers had got good lift. It was more sun in that area too, but I did not find any usable lift, and had to glide back out to the main landing. Erik Vermaas was below me, and suffered the same fate.

The other pilots saw our misfortune, and visely stayed in zero at takeoff. When we landed the cirrus broke up, and everyone got high and away within 10 minutes. I was not very happy at the landing watching the field get away. Nils Åge, Jon Gjerde and Andreas made goal.