Worlds – Day 7

It was good clouds early in the morning when we drove out to take off, the weater forecast said it might OD and the local pilots thought so as well. We got a long 192km task, with a long headwind leg in triangle back t to the startpoint and to goal. I took off quite late and lot the lead gaggle just after the start gate. 1 minute on the lead gaggle is almost impossible to take back as long as you follow the gaggle. I got low after the 3 TP, together with Steve Moyes I got back up from very low over a sunny hilltop. One other pilot passed over our heads and landed at the end of the field where we got up. The last leg to goal I flew alone when I lost Steve after I stopped under a cloud to pee, too much water before takeoff. I got to goal after flying for over 5 hours, my speed section time was 4:15. 51 pilots in goal after close to 200 km is quite impressive. The clouds were good all day, and no OD to be seen, although it was quite overcast in the end of the day.

Nils Åge landed just after takeoff, Johnny 20 km from the 3. TP and Olav somwhere between the 3. and 4. TP. Manfred won the day again, and increases his lead in the comp. Tom Weissenberger tumbled and came down under parachute into some trees, he was OK but need a new glider. Too bad as he was doing well in the comp.

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