Worlds – Day 6

Today was a good day for me, we got a 155 km task, into the flats instead of down the ridge. The conditions were predicted to be blue, with moderate thermals. It turned out to be a classic good day, with cloudbase at 3100 meters, and strong lift. I stuck with the gaggle and took the first start time at 13:20. After the first TP we all got high, and I stayed high from there on. Conditions around the second and third TP was really good, I only stopped once to turn a few times in a thermal from the second TP to goal. The final glide was 44 km under a good cloudstreet. There was only 5 gliders on the ground when I passed the goal line, and about 10 gliders landing. I had lots of sink the last bit over the lakes before the city, so I did not have much spare altitude.
Nils Åge got stuck and came in almost one hour after me, Olav landed 10km out, and I do not know where Johnny landed as he was not on the radio all day.

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