Brasilian Nationals

Day 3 was a more difficult day, it was blue and very slow at the take off, lots of pilots went down below takeoff, but few landed. Olav and I took off at the same time, I was a little to low to go in over takeoff in the thermal and flew out towards the ridge on the other side of the pass. Håkan from Sweden flew over there as well, and we got up over the ridge, but could not get high and fell down again. I spent the next 45 minutes 300 meters over a waterhole that triggered weak thermals, fighting to get back up. Håkan landed at the LZ, when he tried to glide out for a search. Finally I got away and into the plateau, but it was hard going and I only made the first TP, landing near the second after failing to find any lift over the normally reliable grass fires.

I picked a field near a village, so that Fredrik could find me more easily. When I landed all the kids in the village came running over to me. It was total chaos, everyone asking questions in Portuguese. The local village idiot was there, chatting away making gestures. I derigged in front of this audience, and relayed my coordinates to Fredrik. When they finally came to pick me up most of the kids had left, but a few still hung around, sitting on the road in front of me just watching every move I made. The Brazilians seem to have a mix of ethnic backgrounds, the kids looks ranged from dark African features, via Asian, native Indian, to blonde Europeans, and mixes of everything.

I came down with fever on day 4 and 5, spent the days in bed watching TV. (They dub The Simpsons, but not South Park)

Day 6 was an OK day, but I got away too late from the start circle. I got high and stayed high after that, but even 3200 meters was enough to cross the blue into the last TP alone (ground level is 1100 meters here), I landed next to the highway 3 km from the TP, and got picked up by Fredrik and Nils Åge before I was derigged.

The last day I flew badly and landed just outside the start circle, I did not follow my own plan, and got stuck low alone in the blue and windy conditions. Crap. The prize giving party was good though, I still have a headache 2 days after… Bethinio won, results here;
My tracklogs are up in the logbook, the new GPSDump seems to work with 2.13b on the Compeo. The start circle function on the Compeo is still not working, but it’s not very important as we all gaggle up on the edge anyway.

All in all it’s been a very good warm up to get familiar with the area and conditions. The site is good, conditions have been good so far, and it seems very reliable. The city of Brasilia is strange, it’s no real downtown, everything is split up in small centres and areas, all Hotels are in one area. Restaurants and bars are in the shopping malls. The people are very friendly and open, but few speak English at all. I’m learning a few words in Portuguese, but it’s hard learn enough to do more than order food.

Jon Gjerde and Johnny Nilsen arrived yesterday, they got the gliders this morning and went out flying. I’m going to work a little on my stuff today, headset needs soldering, and I want to test a new batten profile. The worlds start on Sunday I think, so we have plenty of time. The plan was to go to the coast and have vacation this week, but we might stay and just relax here.