Brasilian Open – Day 1 and 2

Two good days of flying here, the first day we got a 106 km task via two TP back to Brasilia. It was a little slow in the beginning, and I got stuck on the ridge low for a while. We thought there was the normal 15 minute start gate, but after landing we learned it was only two gates, at 13:15 and 13:45. Fortunately I took the last one without knowing it, while Olav got the first one and lost a lot of time. After getting up it was good flying, and we all got to goal. I flew on 2:20, Nils Åge 2:40, and Olav 2:45. Bethino won the day.

Today’s task was 122km, good clouds, but Nils Åge and I got really low after taking the first start, we were down to a few hundred meters when we spotted a few birds and got back up in a good thermal. I got low once more between the second and third TP after a long glide, but got a weak thermal very low that got us up a few hundred meters before searching around and finding a really good one. I nearly collided with Hiroshi in the turbulent top of the thermal, I could hear the wooosh of his glider passing behind me. After another long glide to take the last TP with about ten gliders behind me I turned and went diretly for some grass fires. In the thick smoke and flying ash we got up quickly, and I topped out and went on final glide, too high actually, but I could overtake 3 lower gliders. Olav was ahead but lower, we crossed the line almost at the same time. Nils Åge had 10 minutes on us.

So all in goal so far, hope we keep this habit :-) There’s about 80 pilots in the comp, many of the world teams are here and lfying in the comp to practice and tune the gliders. I would guess there’s almost 40 new Litespeeds here, with mixed feelings about how well they perform. Olav and Nils Åge’s gliders seems to be good. My old Litespeed is fine, I just need to replace the leadingedge that got a smal dent in it from the transport. I’m being outclimbed by the new S, but my glide is good.