Nordics – Day 5

It was still quite cloudy this morning, and quite windy. We set up to get off early to avoid the forecasted front. The task was difficult to set, with weak conditions, low cloudbase and strong winds blowing us towards controlled airspace in Västerås. I was the first pilot to take a tow at 12:20, towing behind the BMW trike was no advantage today as it climbed too good into the wind. I released at 600 meter and searched around in broken and weak lift, found nothing good and landed back at the strip. I took a second tow, which was a repeat of the first. Only a few pilots managed to get away. We hung around the airstrip until the window closed at 17:00 in case it improved, but no such luck. A rather long and boring day. Tomorrow looks the same, wish we could get some better conditions soon.