Frya Cup 2003 – Day 2 and 3

On Friday we got very unstable and good conditions. Winds from N made it difficult to decide on take off, but we finally went to Brandstadkampen and set up. It looked like it might OD, and we set a short task of 42 km straight line to goal at Lillehammer. Conditions were strong, but Robin who started as first pilot busted. He came back up and managed to start just before the launch window closed, and flew to goal.

I took off quite early as well, and got up in a thermal that averaged over 5 m/s near cloudbase. Olav was just in front of me, and Nils Åge and Johnny below. We glided out of the start circle through ice crystals and light snow to take the next lift south of Fåvang. I had some ants from takeoff in my shoes crawling up my legs biting me. I had to open up my harness and sort them out at Fåvang, where I lost a few meters when flying out of the thermal, and Nils Åge passed me.

We caught up with Olav gliding towards Øyer, where Nils Åge went left towards Hafjell. I picked a cloud straight over “Vekta” and only slowed down in the strong lift as my instrument told me I could make goal with a few hundred meters to spare. As we had to cross the valley twice it should be a little more sink than lift on the remaining 20 km, but I went for it hoping to find a good line in to goal.

What I did not foresee was that the wind had changed to SW, so I got no help from tailwind, but came into rough leeside conditions. I flew through lots of sink, and had to stop once to gain 20-30 meters in a lee thermal 5 km out. Olav had stopped behind me to gain more height, he was behind and above but could not catch up. I arrived at goal with 50 meters to spare, just clearing the light posts on the highway, Olav came in 12 seconds behind me. We did the task in 41 minutes, averaging more than 60 km/h.

Nils Åge came in third 2 minutes behind, and all but two pilots made goal. Erik Vermaas passed over us very high and continued to fly, he landed south of Hamar after 105,7 km for a new personal best.

Today it was gray and no lift. We made a spot landing comp, in which Robin and Trond Olsen shared first price. I landed short, misjudging the wind a little.
Forecast for tomorrow is not so good, hope it turns out good.